Cnc Machining Services

Cnc Machining ServicesThe first numerical control, or NC milling machines were created in the 1940s. In those days, a machine could be automatically controlled by punched paper tape. The invention of numerical control machines produced fabricated parts much faster than machines controlled by humans operating handwheels and levers manually. For many years, this early sort of machine was state-of-the-art technology. Nowadays, all this has changed. Computer numerical control, or CNC machining services, has brought automatic fabrication into the 21st century.

Modern CNC machining services combine computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology to make a highly automated fabrication system. When you require hundreds or thousands of the same item, CNC machining services are surely the way to make them. Before any sort of numerical control was available, producing multiples of an identical item was quite difficult, not to mention very time-consuming. The first partially automated machine tool was designed on cam technology, much the same as music boxes and cuckoo clocks. By World War I, semi-automated machining was relatively advanced. In the 1950s, American carmaker General Motors invented a device that recorded the movements of a human worker and then ‘played them back’ with a machine. CNC machining services were still decades into the future.

When the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT, came up with a way to take the human factor out of producing the punched tapes that directed early NC machines, they reduced the amount of time required from eight hours to fifteen minutes. In the world of multiple manufacturing, any device that can shave minutes off a job is a good thing– MIT’s automated tape puncher was heralded as a modern miracle by the manufacturing trade. If only those pioneers of machining could have seen today’s amazing CNC machining services!

Today, Anco Precision Inc provides world-class CNC machining services and precision manufacturing to all sorts of clients around the world. We make custom car parts, auto engines, robots, medical instruments, optical devices and other items that demand the finest precision manufacture. Our esteemed clients include governments, inventors, scientists, universities and the aerospace industry. Our reputation for providing only the best sort of CNC machining services is well deserved. If you need a prototype made in a hurry, Anco Precision is the company to call. Contact us by way of this website or give us a call at 954.429.3703 and tell us what you need and when you need it. We are delighted to provide a no-obligation price quote on your CNC machining services project upon request. Cnc Machining Services