Outdoor Misting System

Outdoor activities are most fun during the summer. However, heat is one inevitable factor that you have to deal with during these hot months. Besides making you uncomfortable, too much heat can be downright dangerous. Air conditioners are the most common solution for cooling off temperatures indoors. However, ACs are not a complete solution to the summer heat as they consume a lot of energy and cannot be used outdoors.

Misting fans are an ideal option for keeping you cool outdoors. What’s more, misting systems are cost-effective; you will not have to worry about outrageous energy bills. A mist cooling system will help your body cool down naturally, even in scorching temperatures. The system blows a breeze over your sweat, creating a cooling effect on your body. Are you wondering where to get a fan? We are here for you.

At Cool-Off, we will supply you with a reliable outdoor misting system to help you stay cool and comfortable throughout the summertime. Our misting products range from portable misting systems, mister tents, custom made misting fans, among many others. Additionally, our prices and quality are unmatched.

How Do Misting Systems Work?

Misters are designed differently. However, their portability makes them versatile. Misting systems combine a blower fan with a water pump to deliver mist through misting nozzles. Some misting systems use a centrifugal system instead of nozzles. You can barely see the mist produced as it comes out as fine water droplets. The mist is so fine such that you will not feel wet, but experience a fresh coolness.

How Does a Misting Nozzle work?

To deliver a cooling effect, the size of the misting nozzles has to balance with the flow rate and water pressure of a misting system. Nozzles will deliver more water at high pressures compared to low pressures. However, some nozzles will not work at low water pressure. The flow rate of water in the nozzle increases with increasing water pressure. You will need small nozzle openings for high water pressure.

Large misting nozzles are ideal for medium to low pressure misting systems. The pump will not be able to deliver adequate water to create a fine mist if you choose huge nozzles for your water pressure. Also, if the nozzles are too small for the water supply, the pump might get damaged due to excess pressure.

How to Store a Misting System During Winter

Winter can freeze and damage your misting system if it’s not stored well. For proper storage, start by unplugging the mister from the power source and put the cord in a safe place. Remove all the nozzles from the misting fan and store them in a dry area. The misting system pump, misting system line, and the filtration should be drained and kept in dry, safe storage.

Where to Get Quality Misting Systems

Buy our superior quality outdoor misting system to enjoy outdoor activities with your family and friends all through the hot months of summer. At Cool-Off, we have a wide selection of misting systems at affordable prices. Call 800-504-6478 to place your order today.

Outdoor Misting System