Phoenix Solar

Phoenix Solar

Pep Solar did not become Phoenix’s most trusted solar company by chance; we earned it by offering the best quality products, working with the most qualified solar experts, providing great customer service, and the best standard solar warranty in the state. Since its inception, our reputation, trust, and commitment to the community have been our guiding light.

We take satisfaction in helping with the improvement of communities around Phoenix, as well as the protection of our planet’s environment and natural resources. We use the best-in-class solar equipment to ensure that the homeowners, companies, and government agencies we work with get the most out of Phoenix solar products.

Solar Smart Home

At PEP Solar, we are the number 1 solar panel company that offers tailored solutions for merging solar and smart home technologies, giving a level of service that no other company can match. Our committed team of engineers has the specialized skills required to tackle even the most complicated projects, so you can be confident that the result will perfectly meet your house requirements. Whatever your home automation goals are, you can rely on us to provide excellent results. Because it’s not simply your energy savings or convenience that’s at stake; it’s also your and your family’s comfort and safety.

Solar For Business

Electricity is one of the most expensive overhead costs for a business owner. Being dependent on the commercial power system also exposes you to changes in energy rates. So perhaps it’s time to see how solar panel installation can help your company. At Pep Solar, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and installing custom solar power systems for commercial properties.

As one of Phoenix’s top-rated solar companies, we sincerely enjoy helping business owners optimize their energy usage to maximize energy efficiency and experience lifetime savings. We work with you to identify the best solar energy solutions that match your demands so you can get the most out of your investment.

Solar Air Conditioning

Solar air conditioning is an air conditioning that is powered by the sun’s energy. At Pep Solar, we offer an advanced solar air conditioner that includes a grid-connected heat pump with an AC-to-DC converter. During the day, the unit runs entirely on DC power generated by solar panels, and at night, it gets electricity from the grid. So when the sun is shining, you can save money on cooling while still getting quality performance.

Solar Repair Services

We realize how frustrating it may be when something goes wrong with your solar system and how crucial it is to have dependable service. We are a team of highly devoted solar specialists whose primary goal is to help homeowners and businesses who have gone solar in making the most of their solar investment. We appreciate those who have made a move and are committed to ensuring that your system operates at peak efficiency and meets your expectations for years to come.

Find a Good Solar Company

As a top solar panel supplier, we also offer the best quality solar products like Roof Mount Solar Installation, Windows & Doors, Ground Mount Solar, Solar Attic Fan Install, Solar Water Heating, Car Charging Station Installation, and a lot more. In addition, as one of the top solar installation companies, we offer bespoke services for solar products, as well as worry-free after-sales all-in-one services. Contact us today for more information about our services and Phoenix solar!

Phoenix Solar